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Walk 6 – Stac Pollaidh


Stac PollaidhThis mountain, Hill of the Bog, in Gaelic is not nearly such a formidable undertaking as it looks when seen from almost any angle, and in fine weather the summit ridge is within the capacity of a serious mountain walker, but in high wind, or low cloud it is best left alone. Even those who are daunted by the ridge itself can have a very enjoyable walk by climbing to the Col between the long stretch of western and shorter stretch of eastern towers.

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Redrawing The Election Map

The wave of publicity which followed our announcement earlier this week drew one important observation: The map published at the election free zone page suggests that parts of Scotland north of the Great Glen, the Western and Northern Isles are not experiencing a general election. “Why…” asked the caller, “…have you not circled the North of Scotland?” She also insisted that we answer the question, “Will you put this right?” Yes or No?  (gosh that sounds familiar doesn’t it?) Read More…

Shhh! Listen!

The Election Free Zone

For the next few weeks there are no politicians in parliament.  Which makes it a comparatively quiet place for a change.

Instead, all those politicians are among us.  They’re squirming on the TV, talking louder on the radio, getting misquoted in the newspapers and committing gaffes on your High Street.  As journalists and media presenters do their best to hold the politicians accountable, so these same politicians do their best to get re-elected without actually answering any awkward questions.

The result is 24 hour coverage of lots of people shouting at each other.

When you’ve had enough, there is an alternative.

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