Walk 26 – The Oscaig River

Leave your car where you can at the Ullapool end of Loch Oscaig and make your way down to the delta where the river joins the loch. To the northwest are the low hills of the Rubha Coigach, and the south, the crags and wooded glens that lead up to the main group of Coigach hills, while to the east rise the great western cliffs of Stac Pollaidh.

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Walk 25 – The Green Loch


Drive towards Ullapool and leave your car in the large car park at the foot of Stac Pollaidh. However, instead of heading up the mountain (walk 6) make your way down to the shore of Loch Lurgainn. There are small beaches and idyllic picnic spots near the mouth of the Allt Tollach, which comes from the Coire Gorm (the green glen) beneath the great western cliffs of Stac Pollaidh.

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Walk 24 – The Achiltibuie Mountains


This walk should be started from the hotel and is in our view the finest hill walk in the area. It is, however, long and, if possible, a car should be left near the road end at Culnacraig. Set out through the gate to the right of the hotel and make your way over the moorland to the small lochs which lie about 1 ¾ miles to the northeast. Of these, Lochan Fada, hemmed in by crags, is particularly attractive.

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Walk 23 – Meall And Fheadain And Meall Na Beiste From Achnahaird


Drive towards Ullapool and at the crossroads at the head of Loch Raa turn left and park the car on the roadside before the bridge.

Walk beside the wall on the far bank of the burn until you come to the edge of the loch and continue along the shore to its end and then head southwest uphill to Creag Dhubh, the Dark Crag (419 feet). From here, you have magnificent views over Achnahaird Bay and Lochs Raa and Vatachan. To the west are Loch na Creige Duibhe and Loch an Beiste, the Loch of the Fox.

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Walk 22 – Cul Beag

Park the car as for walks 8 and 9 and set off up the path towards Loch Sionascaig. When you reach the highest point of the col with Lochan Fhionnlai to your left, leave the path, and make your way up to the right, parallel to the burn, over the boulder-strewn slopes towards the lowest point of the ridge, which joins Cul Beag itself to Coich A’Chuil Bhig, the pap of Cul Beag.

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Walk 21 Poll Loisgan And Gleann Lochan Sal


Drive towards Lochinver along the “Wee mad road” as described for Walk 7 and park the car where the road meets the sea at Loch an Eisg-Brachaidh. Cross the footbridge over the Allt Gleann an t’Srathian and make your way steeply southwest up through woodland. A path is shown on the 1:25, 000 map but it is no longer clear on the ground. From the top of the slope there are superb views over the inlet of Cuil Lochain with the isthmus and “island” of Rhuba a Brocaire (well worth a detour) separating it from Loch an Eisg-Brachaidh. The Rubha Mor peninsula can be seen across Enard Bay.

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Walk 20 – Loch Oscaig


Drive towards Ullapool and leave the car at the bridge over the River Garvie at the north west corner of Loch Oscaig. Follow the west bank of the Garvie to the loch, and walk along the shore past a small boathouse at its western end. From here on the route, lies over wet moorland and you should keep as near to the loch shore as you can.

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Walk19 – Ben Mor Coigach


As for Walk 12, leave the car at Culnacraig and make your way up the broad shoulder between the Allt a’Choire Reidh and the Allt nan Coisiche. The going is rough and the steepest section is near the beginning, but before long the gradient eases.

Follow the crest of the ridge as closely as possible to obtain the best views and make your way into the col between Sgurr an Fhidleir and Ben More Coigach itself.

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Walk 18 – The Peat Road From Polbain


This walk can be undertaken from the hotel or from the beach below Badentarbat where there is plenty of space to leave a car.

Walk west up the road towards Polbain ignoring the side road to the pier. Before you reach the village, you will find a made-up track joining the road on your right. Take this – it appears to lead back on your route and continue past a cottage, which stands among trees on your right. This track is the old Peat Road leading to the workings high on the moorland.

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Walk 17 – Beinn An Eion: Sgorr Tuath


Start, as for walk 16 but after crossing the Allt Claoaidh climb north west, more or less parallel with the shore of Loch Lurgainn until you are beyond the foot of the Cioch and into the Coire Beinn an Eion. Make your way across the glen over the Allt Coire Beinn an Eion, and up to the steep shoulder of Sgorr Tuath, the North Peak of the mountain. The gradient hardly relents at all until you reach the summit cairn (1928 feet) which stands on the edge of the tremendous crags overlooking Loch Lurgainn. In the other direction, you will see the full sweep of the Coich ridge leading to Sgorr Deas, with Beinn Tarsuinn and Ben Mor Coigach behind.

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