The Seafood Run – 52 Minute Lobster

From Sea To Plate in 52 Minutes

Living next to the sea means that we have access to some of the finest seafood anywhere in the world.  At the Summer Isles Hotel, we take pride in the freshness of the ingredients used in our restaurant dishes and bar meals.  Last month one guest asked, “just how fresh can your seafood be?”.  So we decided to find out.  Click on the video above to see what happened.

It turns out we can get fresh lobsters from Peter’s boat at Old Dorney harbour to the hotel in around 15 minutes.  Then Victoria prepares them and can have a lobster on your table within the hour.  In just 52 minutes in fact.

Of course, you’ll never have to wait that long for your meal in the restaurant or the bar because we’ve already done the transport bit earlier in the day.  This is our way of proving to you just how fresh the seafood is in these parts.  Like I said – we’re proud of that freshness, it’s an attribute only a few Scottish hotels can offer.  They need to be right on the coast and near where the boats land, just like we are.

We’ll be making the Seafood Run a regular event throughout the season, using a different species each time.  Keep an eye out for the next one!