Shhh! Listen!

Election Free Zone

The Election Free Zone

For the next few weeks there are no politicians in parliament.  Which makes it a comparatively quiet place for a change.

Instead, all those politicians are among us.  They’re squirming on the TV, talking louder on the radio, getting misquoted in the newspapers and committing gaffes on your High Street.  As journalists and media presenters do their best to hold the politicians accountable, so these same politicians do their best to get re-elected without actually answering any awkward questions.

The result is 24 hour coverage of lots of people shouting at each other.

When you’ve had enough, there is an alternative.

Election Free Zone

You Can’t Hear The Election Coverage

Fresh Seafood & Fine Wines

Take advantage of the Election Free Zone at the Summer Isles Hotel.  We’re genuinely so far away from Westminster that you can’t hear the election coverage unless you really, really want to.

It helps that while you’re here you can enjoy the freshest seafood (most of it comes from the bay you can see from the hotel) and the finest wines (there’s a rather good cellar waiting for you here).

To make it easy for you to book, we’ve also created a special promotion, just in case you need to take a break from the election for a few days.  Click here to book yours.